IKONICS Imaging Laser Tape

Laser Tape allows you to use a laser engraving machine in correlation with a sandblast cabinet. Laser Tape creates low cost stencils while allowing you to achieve the finished look of sandblast engraving.

Apply - Laser - Blast

  • No PVC
  • Fast and simple clean up
  • Quick burn
  • Easy to colorfill after sandblasting
  • Conforms smoothly to surfaces without wrinkling
  • Available in 4 mil
Description Item Size


LAS-TAP-625 6" x 25'
LAS-TAP-400 4" x 100'
LAS-TAP-600 6" x 100'


LAS-TAP-406 4" x 6"

Laser Mask - Blazer Orange

Laser Mask Blazer Orange is a sandblastable laser mask designed to create stencils for the high end corporate, promotional products and giftware industries creating beautifully etched glass and crystal. Film turns slightly darker when in contact with substrate, allowing you to see if areas are not making good contact.

  • Adhesive does not leave residue on the substrate. Easy dry peel.
  • More durable allowing for a deeper blast, making it great for colour filling.
  • Stretchy enough to wrap but maintains its shape when wrapped.
  • Does not stain substrates.
  • Available in 6” and 12” widths.
Item Size Description


LAS-TAP6-625 6” x 25 Ft.
LAS-TAP6-600 6” x 100 Ft.
LAS-TAP6-120 12” x 100 Ft.


LAS-TAP6-406 4” x 6”