XOT Star 912 Rotary Engraving System

The Xenetech Viper 912 has a 9" by 12" (228.6 mm by 304.8 mm) engraving area and is an entry level rotary engraving system designed primarily for engraving signs, nametags, trophies, awards, small jewelry items, identification plates, and small panel faces. The system contains Xenetech's automatic surface sensing capability that allows for flat and curved surface engraving on various materials including plastic and diamond drag or burnishing into metal. Each system includes Xenetech's professional engraving window-based software - XGW-32, 40 engraving fonts, 2,500 engravable True-Type™ fonts, the new Viper® high productivity electronics (up to 8 ips engraving speed), touch screen keypad and a one year warranty.

XOT Star 912 Rotary Engraving System Features

    • High performance Viper electronics with touch screen key pad
    • 8 ips and faster engraving
    • State-of-the-Art motion system featuring
    • Forward/backward by character, line and plate from Pendant
    • DC motor speed control (AC motor speed control optional.)
    • Longplate engraving capabilities from 12" x 126" in length to 25" x 700" in length (varying with machine size)
    • State-of-the-art motion control system
    • One-year warranty on Star 912, extended warranty available
    • Multi-plate and batch processing
    • Automatic surface sensing on all machines (standard)
    • Graphic job printouts
    • Ability to engrave a wide variety of materials
    • Networkable
    • 11/64", 1/4", 4 mm and 6 mm top-load and Top or bottom loading collet spindle and metric also available
    • X, Y and Z-axes resolution/repeatability standard: .000313", user selectable: .000625" and .000156"
    • Spindle downfeed:
      mode 1) fully programmable via software,
      mode 2) downfeed manually set via control pendant, and
      mode 3) automatic surface sensing for downfeed
    • Spindle motor: 1/32 hp spindle motor 11,000 rpm
    • Viper electronics connect to free ethernet connection