Patented Tool-less Rapid Reconfiguration – All Universal laser systems and lasers are precisely pre-aligned to a common reference standard at the factory. This means that nearly all Universal laser cartridges are interchangeable on every laser system that Universal manufactures. Rapid Reconfiguration is especially beneficial in that the most valuable component of a laser system (the laser) is not tied to a particular machine. Almost any laser can be conveniently, quickly and without tools interchanged between different systems or exchanged with a laser of a different wattage, maximizing the return on your investment in laser sources. Many laser applications work best with a particular laser wattage, and Rapid Reconfiguration gives you the ability to use the most efficient laser for the job. For example, a thin film cutting application may work best with a single 30-watt laser, but two combined 75-watt lasers are most efficient at cutting through thick acrylic. Rapid reconfiguration is also beneficial when it comes time to recharge the laser. The Universal customer service department maintains a stock of recharged lasers for quick shipment which maximizes your laser system’s up-time. Finally, Rapid Reconfiguration gives you the ability to upgrade lasers and laser systems independently, thus maximizing your return on investment in both. (Tools required for desktop VLS.)