NameIt™ Suite

"Processing Large Lists of Names and Numbers Has Never Been So Efficient"

Do you frequently process large lists of names, numbers, combinations of both, and serializations? Do you get frustrated with all the time it takes to do this task and wish there was a time-efficient program available to make your job easier?

Then the NameIt Suite is your answer! What Normally Would Take Hours, Now Only Takes a Few Seconds and Mouse Clicks! Create and Process Large Lists of Names, Numbers, Combinations of Both, and Serialization Automatically.

Benefits to You:

  • Quickly process large lists of names, numbers, combinations of both, and serialization in Minutes Automatically
  • Simple to install and use
  • Interface with your Excel (CSV) database seamlessly
  • Increase efficiency with namage and serialization tasks
  • Complete name badges, component identification, and more within minutes

The NameIt Suite consists of three separate macro programs that function within CorelDraw versions 12, X3, X4, and X5. It was compiled with complex math algorithms to allow you to follow an intuitive list of questions that will automatically perform different functions that otherwise would take you hours to complete. The functions include creating redundant layouts of names, numbers, a combination of both, and serialization. This product is simple to install and use, allowing you to input redundant list of names or repeatable serialized numbers in a matter of seconds. This easy to use program allows you to interface with an Excel (CSV) database to incorporate long lists of numbers and names to format this data in as little effort as a click of a button.

The NameIt Suite is quick and easy to use: thus, the product can be used by any company that wants to compile a huge list of names and numbers with very little effort. The key word is Personalization; customers are demanding increased personalization and with this software tool you can meet their demands of serialization and labeling with very little effort.

What's Inside the Package

  • NameIt Suite software program CD
  • Quick Install and Getting Started Guide
  • Comprehensive NameIt Suite software program Manual