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BoxIt™ Suite

"Creating and Producing Products in 3D Has Never Been So Quick"

The BoxIt Suite is taking the laser engraving industry by storm and is becoming popular worldwide!

Do you wish there was a way you could quickly design and produce 3-dimensional products for your customers? Are you looking for a way to reduce your inventory components and costs? What if you could use one program to add new dimensions to your business from awards, frames, signage, toys, pet products, woodworking and more?

Then the BoxIt Suite is your answer!

You can do more with wood, acrylic, plastic, and other materials than you ever thought possible. Transform your laser into an unlimited profit earning machine! Create New Products with a Laser Engraver for Pennies Using the BoxIt Suite; the Process is Simple. Design... Cut... Assemble... Produce New Original Products!

Benefits to You:

  • Quickly create and produce customized signage in 3D your customers cannot find at your competition
  • Simple to install and use whether you're a beginner or advanced
  • Reduce inventory components
  • Produce awards, signage, and more on demand using your scrap materials

The BoxIt Suite is a set of five macro tools; BoxIt, CartonIt, Cube-In-A-Cube, Platform, and Shadowbox designed for CorelDraw Versions 12, X3, X4 and X5, which can be used for a variety of different construction and containment applications. The BoxIt macro allows the end user an opportunity to draw a simple outline and then it takes over from there. The end user defines the thickness of the part, the cutting kerf of the laser for a given material, and the depth of the component they want to produce, and then the program takes over. You hit "Go" and the program develops a number of parts that can be cut and assembled into the shape desired. The best part of the component; one can assemble their design without glue with a press fit, allowing the end user to quickly assemble the parts together.

In a matter of minutes one can create unique, functional products from signs, frames, toys, furniture, pet toys, and urns with material costs less than $1 for many of the creations. BoxIt can help you design original products for your awards, hobby craft, woodworking, educational, or industrial applications to diversify your business.

Although the program uses a set of complex math algorithms, it's still simple to use. The results of your designs can produce incredible pieces with an unbelievable level of complexity. These unique designs lend themselves well to the industry of awards and recognition; however, the BoxIt Suite is also very beneficial in the signage, hobby craft, woodworking, educational, and industrial applications.

Custom items can be created with BoxIt and personalized in one action. Unique pieces can be created out of any type of material that your laser system can cut through. Thinner, more cost effective, materials can be used without sacrificing structural integrity. When you look at the extensive selection of materials available for laser cutting, you will find that you have a myriad of different design possibilities.

The BoxIt Suite uses a design method of interlocking tabs, when coupled with cutting kerf compensation, allow you to create strong press fit parts or easy to assemble, loose fitting parts that require glue.

Once you become familiar with the capabilities of the program, you can apply the BoxIt Suite as a design tool to create a mirage of different products only limited by your imagination.

The end results of the BoxIt Suite are stunning: One of a kind pieces that, when assembled, give you a unique result that has function and strength. Take a moment and ask yourself "What can I do with BoxIt?"

What's Inside the Package

  • BoxIt Suite software Program CD
  • Quick Install and Getting Started Guide
  • Comprehensive BoxIt Suite software program Manual

The choice is yours, make 2011 your year and "Jump-Start" your laser capabilities and business offerings today using the BoxIt Suite!

Please take a moment to view the following short presentation on just a few things you can do with BoxIt.