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FlexIt™ Suite

"Increasing Laser User’s Knowledge; Results in Increasing Laser User’s Business Potential"

Expand your BoxIt Suite to New Heights! Now you can add curves to your BoxIt Style products!

Then FlexIt™ is your answer! We made this software just for you to help “Jump Start” and expand your business offerings.

You can do more with wood, acrylic, plastic, and other materials than you ever thought possible. Transform your laser into an unlimited profit earning machine! Create new products with a laser engraver for pennies using FlexIt™; the Process is Simple. Design… Cut… Assemble… Produce new original products!

Benefits to You:

  • Quickly create flexible and cylindrical shapes, eccentric and concentric cones, hinges, and so much more!
  • Simple to install and use whether you’re a beginner or advanced CorelDraw user.
  • Reduce inventory components!
  • Produce awards, signage, and more on demand using your scrap materials!
  • Combine with the BoxIt Suite to offer even greater product opportunities!

The FlexIt™ Suite is a set of three macro tools; FlexIt™, Cone, Curvebox designed for CorelDraw Versions 12, X3, X4, X5, and X6, which can be used for a variety of different contruction and containment applications. The FlexIt™ program also supports multiple languages and metric unites just as the BoxIt Suite version 1.5.16 and up offers! The combination of FlexIt™ and the BoxIt Suite can open even greater opportunities for existing and future BoxIt Suite users by creating unique awards, embellishments, shelving, wall art, furniture, organizers, and so much more.

The FlexIt™ feature of the FlexIt™ Suite enables laser engravers to create flexible pieces out of solid materials, such as Baltic Birch, MDF, acrylic and more. The FlexIt™ program enables users to create 3-dimensional products with one FlexIt™ side piece able to wrap around the whole product that curves and connects with the rest of the design using the BoxIt style press-fit tabs. FlexIt™ can also link with the BoxIt Suite 2.0+ versions to offer interior product wall flexing. Multiple BoxIt side pieces are unnecessary when one uses FlexIt™ for curved designs. A FlexIt™ user has the option to break-apart FlexIt™ pieces and have them press-fit together if they desire or have the option to create a hinge without the press-fit tabs. FlexIt™ also offers the option to create living hinges with various latch style options.

The Cone feature of the FlexIt™ Suite enbales users to create cylindrical pieces out of solid materials, such as Baltic Birch, MDF, acrylic and more. Users can create concentric and eccentric cones, and cylindrical shapes having variable angles out of the most solid laserable materials.

The CurveBox feature of the FlexIt™ Suite enables users to create 3-piece gift boxes with living hinges according to the users designated dimensions. The user has various latch style options as well.

What's in the package

  • FlexIt™ Software Program CD
  • Quick Install and Getting Started Guide
  • Comprehensive FlexIt™ Software Program Manual