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Laser Jump Start™ Volume III

"Uniquely Showcase Your Products; Increase Customer Appeal and Profit Potential"

Would you like to create your own personalized displays for your business to immediately catch your customer’s attention? Do you wish you had an all-in-one display that served as a marketing product that promotes your business’s name and showcased your unique ornaments and other small gifts? Then Laser Jump Start Vol. III is your answer! This program is for you to help “Jump-Start” your business’s product showcasing and promotional efforts!

Benefits to You:

  • All-in-one, portable, unique, personalized Point of Purchase displays for your business!
  • Step-by-step instructions with BoxIt™ Suite Screen Shots!
  • Save time by knowing the assembly level before starting a display project!
  • Increase product sales by easily displaying your ARTWelder™ ornaments and other small gifts!

Laser Jump Start Vol. III contains over 24 BoxIt™ Suite Point-of-Purchase Designs that allow you to either build as is or re-design these products using your BoxIt™ Suite Program! This package serves as an excellent promotion package for your awards and recognition businesses to offer unique, personalized, Point-of-Purchase Displays to display your own promotion products and small gifts. Laser Jump Start Vol. III’s display designs are ideal for displaying ARTWelder™ ornaments too! These Point-of-Purchase displays are excellent for showcasing your offerings at craft fairs and expositions too! As an existing BoxIt Suite™ user, you now have access to step-by-step project plans to follow for each display project, along with an assembly difficulty rating so you know what degree of difficulty each project is before starting the project. As a New BoxIt Suite™ user, you can increase you BoxIt™ Suite knowledge and create unique, functional, Point-of-Purchase Displays to show off your small gift offerings to customers at the same time—A win-win for your business!

What's inside the package

  • Laser Jump Start Vol. III software template package CD
  • Getting Started Guide
  • Organized Index for easy reference