Our precision manufactured lasers and laser systems deliver the highest possible laser graphic imaging performance on a wide variety of materials, including marble, wood, glass, plastics, painted metals, textiles, anodized aluminum and more. Accurately and quickly image intricate designs and artwork onto your material using any graphics software program. Universal’s systems work with all types of digital photos. With Universal’s exclusive 1-Touch Laser Photo™ software you can quickly laser image photos without third party photo editing software. 1-Touch Laser Photo automatically applies special filters to the image that adjust the contrast and definition appropriately for the material being processed.


Produce images on a variety of materials
A Universal laser system gives you the ability to produce images and graphics on a variety of materials, including marble, wood, metals, glass, acrylic, plastic and more.
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Create unique color-filled applications
Marble and glass are two materials in which an image can be laser etched and then filled with paint, creating a full-color laser engraving.
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